Calves registered before the kettle is boiled

Denis Burke is a Dairy farmer milking 130 spring calving Friesian cows, and he would readily admit he is not the best when it comes to technology.

However, Denis is now coming into his third season using the Herdwatch Farming app for calf birth registration, and it appears there is no going back to the old ways. We caught up with him to see how he is getting on with the award-winning app, recently approved by Prince Philip himself! Continue reading “Calves registered before the kettle is boiled”

Leaving late night paperwork behind

Noel Collins is a dairy farmer from West Cork, where he milks 70 cows a day on his own, and that’s not even his day job, as Noel also works as a driver. In 2012, he won an Excellence Award at the National Dairy Council quality milk awards, and in 2014, Noel signed up to the Herdwatch farming app which has greatly reduced his paperwork and given him more free time. Almost 2 years on, we catch up with Noel to see how exactly it has helped him. Continue reading “Leaving late night paperwork behind”

Tech saves Farmer 4 hours a week

Andrew Darmody farms a mixed dairy & beef herd in Twomileborris, Co. Tipperary, and until last year, he was still using pen and paper to record hundreds of Medicines and calf details. But that all changed when he started recording this information directly into his smartphone using the Herdwatch farming app: “I often wonder how I managed before”, said Andrew, who reckons this saves him up to 4 hours a week during busy periods.
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