Farmer Review: Moving on with your Farm management

Pat Feehily is a Suckler and Sheep farmer from Co. Roscommon. Pat keeps a herd of pedigree and commercial Limousines and during the winter he also buys in 200 fattening lambs.

He finds that the lambs are great for cleaning up pastures and keeping weeds under control. Pat, like a lot of other farmers, would not consider himself to be great with technology, however he is always trying to improve his farm management.

As Pat says himself  

you need to be on top of your game, to get the rewards from farming.

Two years ago, Pat heard about Herdwatch, an app that could help him eliminate his farm compliance paperwork and help him keep him on top of his game. He decided to sign-up to Herdwatch and move on with his farm management.

Staying on Top of Records

Keeping on top of medicine and dosing records can be very difficult for a mixed farm. Pat said “as soon as I buy an animal remedy, I just put it into Herdwatch on the phone.

When Pat is batch dosing a group of Cattle or Sheep, he just puts what he did into Herdwatch there and then and  “It’s done and dusted then once it is in Herdwatch. He finds it great because he can record all his Cattle and Sheep remedies in Herdwatch, and he knows once it’s in Herdwatch he is compliant.

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Pat Feehily using Herdwatch to help with farm management
Pat Feehily using the Herdwatch app on his mixed cattle and sheep farm

Information at Your Fingertip

Pat told us how it’s often the simple things with Herdwatch that help him the most. He told us “it’s great when I’m changing cows, if I’m wondering what calf belongs to what cow, it’s all there in my phone.

He told us how knowing when animals were dosed last is so important to him, Pat said if I’m thinking of selling a group of lambs, I can just check the phone to make sure they are not in withdrawal, I know there and then”.

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Everything in One Place

Pat also uses Herdwatch to register his calves, record his breeding information, spraying and also for weight recording. Pat said “it’s like a supermarket, one app does it all, there is no more recording in a load of different books.

Knowing he is compliant is so important to Pat, as he said “You don’t feel a Cross Compliance inspection or Quality Assurance audit creeping up on you.  The fact that all the information can be retrieved in seconds, and all I need to do is print off a few reports at audit time, takes all the stress of the inspection away.”

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