Meet the Herdwatch team at the NBA Beef Expo 2017

Farmers attending this year’s NBA Beef Expo at Stoneleigh Park on the 18th May are invited to get a demonstration of the Award winning farm management app, Herdwatch.

Heifer's at the NBA Beef Expo
Judging Heifer’s at the NBA Beef Expo
Meet James and  Eoin from the Herdwatch Team on Stand Number 52

Award Winning

Herdwatch was awarded the Prince Philip Innovation Award at the 2016 Livestock Event and the Innovation Merit Certificate at the 2016 LAMMA Show.

Herdwatch will exhibit at the NBA beef expo
NBA Beef Expo

Herdwatch is a comprehensive herd management tool, that allows farm events to be entered throughout the day from your phone or tablet without internet connectivity. It is currently used by over 5,500 throughout the  UK and Ireland.

Approved by Farmers

Tom Jones is a farmer from Cornwall, and who has recently subscribed to Herdwatch.

“Farm assurance dictates that paperwork cannot be compromised when you are busy, so we wanted an option that would allow us to update records quickly and easily. We have saved hours by using the Herdwatch app on our mobile phones.

When a calf is born, you literally press a button and the passport application is done or, when we treat a cow, the medicine records are quickly updated. I think it’s important to look at all technology that’s available to you, and consider how it can benefit your business”. 

Beef Breeding Management Made Easy

Herdwatch allows Beef farmers the power to streamline their Breeding management, by recording breeding events on the spot and aloowing constant access to this information.

Heat Observation

Herdwatch allows farmers to record what cows are in heat. It will remind you in 21 days making missed heats a thing of the past.

Inseminations / Serves

Breeding Events Recorded on the Spot
Record Your Breeding Events on the Spot

Record Stock Bull Serves or A.I.s quickly in the app. Herdwatch will automatically calculate the estimated calving date.

Pregnancy Detection

Quickly identify cows awaiting scan, and record scan results on the spot.

Learn more about Herdwatch Breeding Management Here



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