Herdwatch Version 5 is here

After months of hard work, we are proud to announce that Herdwatch version 5 is now available for all UK farmers.

This new version introduces our new unified app (1 single app for all regions), which means we will be able to roll out new updates faster to all our members, wherever they are.

Herdwatch Version 5 is here, so what’s new?

The short answer is a lot! We have added over 30 new features plus dozens of small fixes and improvements but if we were to pick the 4 that we are most proud of, they would be the new Scanning Feature, Push Notifications, Animal Movements and the Free-Basic Plan.

Animal Medicine recording is a snap

You can now simply scan medicines into the Herdwatch app using your phone’s built-in camera. This means that any animal medicine with a barcode or QR code can be scanned straight into Herdwatch.

Scanning Medicine Purchase records in Herdwatch
Scan the Barcode or QR code on a medicine box to record the purchase.


Registering Animal Movements

You can now register movements using the Herdwatch app. This will allow you to:

  • Register Movements-On by scanning the animal passport
  • Register Movements-Off
  • Register Death Movements

Recording a Movement-On Registration by scanning the barcode on the passport

It’s easy to register movements into your herd and update BCMS using the Herdwatch app. It’s simply a matter of scanning the passport using the Herdwatch app and Herdwatch will notify BCMS.

Herdwatch will pull down the animal details from BCMS (.ie Age, Sex, Breed, Dam, Sire)

Register movements into your herd
The Herdwatch app lets you scan the barcode on the cattle tag or passport to register movements into your herd.

Push notifications

This will give Herdwatch the power to proactively remind you about tasks that are due.

The Watchboard is central to this, if you have something due on your Watchboard for today, then Herdwatch will send you a notification informing you that you have tasks that require your attention.

Watchboard sends push notification
The Watchboard will send you a push notification when you have an item that needs attention.

The Free-Basic Plan

We have now introduced a Free-Basic plan that that will allow you to;

  • Download your herd into the app.
  • Register 5 calf births from the app.
  • Register movements into your herd.
  • Record medicine purchases.

You can start your Free-Basic plan by downloading the app and signing up

Click here to download the Herdwatch App and start the Free-Plan 


Other cool features:

  • In App Message Centre
  • Daily Automatic Herd sync
  • Recording a Weaning Task
  • Recording a Body Condition Score Task
  • Recording a Hoof Care task
  • Recording Natural Dry Off Treatments
  • We have introduced a “Due to Dry-Off” filter

Click here to down the Herdwatch app and start your Free-Plan